Bubble Tea Facts


Do You Know These Bubble Tea/ Milk Tea Facts?

1) Bubble tea or boba tea was invented by a Taiwanese woman at a boring staff meeting. In 1988, Lin Hsui Hui decided to entertain herself by pouring her tapioca dessert into her iced tea.SNOW GLOBE

2) The name “bubble tea” doesn’t refer to the boba. It actually refers to the bubble foam on top of the drink after it’s been shaken.

3) Boba is made from sweet potato and cassava root, which is native to South America.

4) Boba was introduced to Germany by McDonald’s in 2012. For 1 month, McDonald’s served boba tea in 800 German locations.

5) Originally, the boba used in Taiwan was only 1/12″ large. It wasn’t until a tea shop owner who wanted to stand out created the larger variant of 1/4″ boba that we commonly use today


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