New Bees

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New to T4? Unsure which boba tea flavors you want to try first?

Torn between tea vs. milk tea?

If you’re riddled with indecision over our expansive, mouthwatering menu, then let us offer a helping hand!

Don’t hesitate to ask your local barista for a recommendation or please refer to our bestselling drink list below!

Our Most Popular Boba Tea/Shake Flavors:

1. Snow Globe & Pearl Milk Tea

2. Earl Grey Milk Tea with BOBA

3. Elegant Lady Royal Tea

4. Jasmine Milk Tea

5. Classical Rose Milk Tea

6. Mango Royal Tea

7. Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

8. Passion-fruit Milkshake

9. Taro Pearl Milk Tea

10. Green Tea with Mango Ice Cream

11. Thai Milk Tea

12. Fresh Avocado Smoothie

13. Honey Peach Royal Tea

14. Lychee Black Tea

15. Winter melon Topped Cream








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