Healthy & Tasty


Cheers to Your Health! Our boba teas TASTE GOOD and are GOOD FOR YOU! Our Delicious All-Natural Sugarcane Promotes your Health! At T4 Tea For U, we make our boba teas tastier and healthier with lower calories. We pride ourselves on our proprietary “sugar of well-being,” our unique and natural sweetening ingredient extracted 100% from sugarcane. Our all-natural ingredient is different from other sweeteners like fructose and sugar cubes. It is lower in calories, with only one-third the calories of fructose and one-half the calories of sugar cubes! We welcome you to try our boba tea beverages at regular sweetness if you tend to have a sweet tooth! Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to let us know how to adjust the sweetness level to your liking.



Do you Know the Top Health Benefits of Tea?

Tea is great for your health in so many ways!

1. Do you get jitters from drinking coffee? Drink tea instead, it contains 50% less caffeine! 2. Are you always getting sick? Try tea to boost your immune system.

3. Tea reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack!

4. Tea contains antioxidants to prevent chronic diseases and illnesses, like cancer.

5. Tea can be beneficial for weight loss.

6. Tea can prevent bone loss, as well as tooth loss and cavities.

7. Tea promotes digestive health and soothes nausea!




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